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Impulse Sanitätshaus is your reliable partner on the path to outstanding nursing quality and comprehensive education.
Ambulante Pflegedienste stehen vor immer neuen Herausforderungen. Komplexe Behandlungsbilder und gesundheitspolitische Rahmenbedingungen erfordern innovative Lösungen. Wie bieten maßgeschneiderte Angebote in allen Bereichen der Hilfsmittelversorgung um Pflegedienste zu unterstützen. Von hochwertigen medizinischen Geräten bis hin zu Schulungen und Aufklärungsmaterialien - wir sind für Sie da.

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We rely on first-class products and services to increase the quality of care and improve the quality of life of your patients.
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Our services at Impulse Sanitätshaus at a glance.

Economical and product-neutral supply

Our focus is on economical and product-neutral supply and consultation to fulfill your needs to the best possible extent.

Regular visit dates

We guarantee you regular appointments tailored precisely to your area of therapy. (Consultation on medical aid supply)

Fast supply

We take over supplies within 48 hours to ensure that you receive the required aids and services promptly.

Professionally demanding restorations

We specialize in technically demanding supplies to ensure your health and well-being.

Prescription management

Our prescription management supports you with all matters concerning your prescriptions.

Assistance with problems

If you encounter cross-supply problems, we provide assistance with our rejection management.

Certified quality

As a certified company group according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2007, we guarantee the highest quality in all our services.

Quality assurance

We place great emphasis on quality assurance to ensure your health and satisfaction.

Assumption of costs

We handle the clarification of cost coverage with your payer so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Training courses

For your employees, we offer individual training programs in their specialized field.


We provide training on the handling of necessary materials or technical aids in accordance with the Medical Devices Act (MPG).

Coordination of all parties involved

We coordinate all individuals and institutions involved in the supply process to ensure smooth operation.

Case management

Our organized and needs-based health management ensures effective care.

Logistics solutions

We offer various logistics solutions in healthcare to fulfill your needs optimally.