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Discover a wide range of aids that help you to compensate for physical deficits, cope with everyday life independently and make home care easier. Our range includes solutions for coping with physical limitations, care aids and everyday aids.

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We not only help you choose the right assistive device, but also support you from the application process to reimbursement by your health insurance provider. Find out more about our comprehensive advice and discover our most popular aids here, which are tailored to your individual needs.

Overview of common aids

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Orthopedic shoe insoles

Experience revolutionary support for your feet with our orthopaedic insoles. Designed to promote natural foot anatomy and relieve discomfort, our insoles offer not only comfort but also a customized solution for your individual needs.

Why orthopaedic insoles?

  • Anatomical support: Our insoles provide targeted support to support the arches and promote natural foot alignment.
  • Customization: Each insole is precisely adjusted to fit the contours of your feet and ensure an optimal fit.
  • Comfort in everyday life: Whether at work or at leisure, our orthopaedic insoles allow you to move comfortably and pain-free.

Discover how our insoles offer individual comfort and support for healthy feet. Rely on customized fitting and modern technology for optimal foot health.

Valgus / varus knee brace

Discover our highly effective valgus and varus knee braces, which have been specially developed to support the alignment of your knees. These orthoses offer corrective help for either knock-knees (valgus) or bow-legs (varus). Our customized solutions provide optimal support so you can move comfortably.

Why valgus and varus knee orthoses?

  • Corrective effect: Our orthoses effectively correct the alignment of your knees to ensure optimum load distribution.
  • Customization: Each orthosis is individually fitted to meet your specific needs.
  • Comfort and freedom of movement: Experience comfort and freedom of movement while promoting the health of your knees.

Rely on our high-quality valgus and varus knee braces to support your knee health and stay active.

Lower extremities orthosis AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis)

Discover the benefits of our AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis), the innovative lower leg orthosis developed for optimal foot and ankle support. The AFO has a stabilizing effect and promotes correct alignment to improve mobility and quality of life.

Why AFO?

  • Stabilization and support: The AFO provides secure stabilization for the foot and ankle to give you more control and confidence in movement.
  • Customization: Each AFO is individually fitted to meet specific requirements and needs.
  • Suitability for everyday use: Whether in everyday life or during sporting activities, the AFO allows you unrestricted freedom of movement.

Find out how our AFO shapes mobility and improves your quality of life. Rely on innovative technology and individual customization for an effective lower leg orthosis.

Lower extremities orthosis KAFO (Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis = whole leg orthosis)

Discover the advanced world of KAFO (Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis), our full leg orthosis designed to provide comprehensive knee, ankle and foot support. KAFO not only provides stability, but also promotes proper alignment for optimal mobility and quality of life.


  • Comprehensive stabilization: The KAFO ensures comprehensive stabilization of the entire leg, from knee to foot, to enable safe and controlled movement.
  • Customization: Each KAFO is individually fitted to meet specific anatomical and functional needs.
  • Versatile application possibilities: Whether in everyday life or during sporting activities, the KAFO supports you in various life situations.

Find out how our KAFO redefines full-leg orthoses and takes your mobility to a new level. Rely on individual fitting and modern technology for effective support.

Lumbar support / orthosis

Experience targeted support for your lumbar spine with our lumbar support/orthosis. This specially designed support not only provides stability, but also promotes healthy spinal alignment to relieve discomfort and improve mobility.

Why a lumbar support / orthosis?

  • Targeted support: The lumbar support/brace focuses specifically on the lumbar spine to provide effective stabilization and relief.
  • Custom fit: Each support is individually fitted to suit the anatomical contours of your lower back.
  • Comfortable to wear: Whether in everyday life or during physical activities, our lumbar support/orthosis offers you support without restrictions.

Discover how our lumbar support/orthosis optimizes the stability of your lower back and gives you more freedom of movement. Rely on customization and modern technology for effective support.

Shoulder orthosis

Experience targeted relief and stabilization of your shoulder with our highly effective shoulder orthosis. Designed to promote healthy alignment and relieve discomfort, our orthosis offers not only protection but also comfort for your shoulder region.

Why a shoulder orthosis?

  • Targeted stabilization: The shoulder orthosis provides precise stabilization to relieve pressure on your shoulder joints and ensure optimal function.
  • Custom fit: Each orthosis is individually fitted to suit the anatomical contours of your shoulder.
  • Freedom of movement: Whether in everyday life or during sporting activities, our shoulder orthosis allows you unrestricted freedom of movement.

Discover how our shoulder brace has been developed specifically for your needs to provide you with effective stabilization and protection. Rely on individual adjustment and modern technology for optimum support.

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