Areas of expertise

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We cannot everything, but a lot!

Our currently ten-strong team offers information and expert skills for many special areas to be able to advise you comprehensively in all matters and life situations. We have compiled our most important specialist areas for you here.

Areas of expertise

  • Hand wraps
  • Elbow bandages
  • Back bandages
  • Foot wraps
  • Knee bandages
  • Soft orthoses
  • Rigid frame orthoses
  • Positioning orthoses
  • Special construction orthoses
  • Orthotic shoe
Shoe inserts
  • Orthopedic shoe inserts
  • Sports insoles
  • Business deposits
  • Ready-to-wear shoes
Tailored waist belts
Breast prosthetics
Care beds
Electric vehicles / electric wheelchairs
and other items
Oxygen concentrators
Portable oxygen concentrators
Oxygen saving systems
Interim prostheses
  • Transitional supply
Arm prostheses
  • e.g., hand prosthesis
Thigh prostheses
  • e.g., bathing prostheses
Lower leg prostheses
  • e.g., everyday prostheses
Foot prostheses
  • e.g., sports prostheses
Custom-made aids made of silicone
Blood pressure monitors
Need for care
Compression stocking supply
Round and flat knit
Stand-up chair
Hygiene products
  • Covid-19 antigen test
  • Surface disinfectant
  • Mouth and nose protection
Maintenance flat rates
  • Incontinence pads
  • Disposable washcloth
  • Disposable gloves
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Disinfectant stand
  • Protective clothing
and other items
Wheelchairs, active wheelchairs, rigid frame wheelchairs
Electric wheelchairs
Rehabilitation trolleys, therapy chairs, car seats
Seat shell chassis, seat shells
Therapy tricycles
Walking aids
Children’s care beds, storage systems
Shower and toilet chairs
Bath loungers, shower loungers
Additional, wheel hub drives
Brake-push aids
Stair climber
Power knot systems for safe transport in the car
Hard hats
Robot arm (suitable from 7 years)
Driving systems via eye/mouth control
Standing devices, lying boards


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