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Rental and sale of medical equipment.

So you can feel at home also in age

We at IMPULSE want to enable people in every situation to have the best possible quality of day-to-day life through comprehensive all-round care.
Our team relies on completely new approaches and, in addition to the classic medical supply and wholesale trade, the special rehabilitation building and the online medical supply store, offers, among other things, residential environment advice for physically handicapped people or also for clinics, nursing facilities and outpatient nursing services, with the aim of more comfort, enable security and independence.

Living that meets your needs

We understand that despite health restrictions, you’d like to stay in familiar surroundings for as long as possible. But what if walking is difficult? Are you no longer able to climb into the bathtub? Or the house is just too big, and the stairs are too steep, and you want to downsize.
Taking individual needs into account, the IMPULSE Real Estate team helps to find a suitable solution at an early stage in their living environment advice, so that you can live in your familiar surroundings for as long as possible or offer possible alternatives straight away.

Our benefits

A collaboration among the best in their field - the IMPULSE cooperation partners!

Residential environment test
Our team carefully checks your living environment for sources of danger so that we can prevent accidents and falls for you. We also ensure that there is a needs-based infrastructure in your area
All-round support
We will help you to apply for financial aid from health or nursing care insurance companies as well as to award technical services and provide you with necessary aids
Payment advice
An individual old-age provision is also a sensible provision. We are available to advise you and help you to implement your individual wishes and ideas to your complete satisfaction

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